Installation @BRUS

JUNE 15, 2017: Swing by BRUS tonight for Vital Labor — outdoor projection @BRUS on the bricks of BRUS. Vital Labor is a public mural reflecting on the role of industrial labor in urban cultures. Thursday June 15, 2017 only from 8pm-11pm. 

Every item you are wearing was touched by hundreds of hands before reaching your body to provide warmth, hygiene and opportunities for personal expression. To see beyond the seams of our clothes, we grabbed a beer at BRUS last Thursday. Read more about it below and on Fashion Forum.

Vital Labor is a public mural that reflects on the role of industrial labor in our urban cultures. The women and men depicted have migrated to urban centers like Shenzhen, China and Phnom Penh, Cambodia. They find jobs in factories in search of a better future while their work enables you to enjoy better fashion and comfort. Their labor also contributes to making the cities in which they live. 

This mural is part of a series of projections onto current and formerly industrial spaces around Copenhagen relating histories of urban development across cultures and time. Vital Labor is comprised of photography by Sok Chanrado, Daniel Huang and Mikaela Kvan. It is the result of three years of research and several months of field work in China and Cambodia to reveal the impact of this industry on the China and Cambodia urban experience. 

BRUS’ ethos of exploration, celebration and serious brewing makes it a perfect backdrop to host this transient public mural for an evening. Originally built as an iron foundry, the building is an example of industrial architecture from Denmark’s own manufacturing history. And it is even more appropriate that industry has been revived by BRUS in pursuit of reestablishing and growing both industrial and cultural centers in Copenhagen. 

The Green Diary


Jenn from The Green Diary and I had a wonderful conversation earlier this week. Jenn dug deep. She asked challenging and provocative questions that stretched me. Why is it important to share the voices of garment workers? What are the main struggles workers face?

All these questions and more here!

But don't miss out on exploring Jenn's Green Diary too! She started the website to document her struggle with metabolic disorders and has racked up an impressive collection of vegan recipes and homemade holistic living products to share. I love her Orange and Cinnamon Facial scrub.

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