A Year in Review | 2015

We've been up to a lot this past year at Primary Voice. Filled with research and exploration, we've come out of 2015 with big ideas. We had a name change, a website remodel and our first published piece came out.  

MB photo.jpg


Awesome improvements to the site include:

The "Music" tab: http://www.primaryvoice.org/music

The Messenger Band, Cambodia's first protest band, partnered with Primary Voice to host two of their songs, No Choice and Goodbye My Friends. These songs highlight the everyday struggles garment workers face inside and outside the factory. In addition, the band did an full interview (translated by Choun Reasey) to share their journey advocating for human rights in Cambodia. The Messenger Band was also featured on The Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator blog in November. 

The "Field Work" tab: http://www.primaryvoice.org/field-work-1/

Now you can view video clips from the field in China and Cambodia. These windows into everyday life catch workers off the clock with their kids, shopping at the store and enjoying the relief of a heavy rain. They are key to understanding how workers live. They were shot in an I Phone 5, undercover, so the audio isn't always great! 

Stay tuned for 2016. Big things are bound to come!






as featured on Brooklyn Accelerator's blog

i'm so excited to share this Q&A on Brooklyn Fashion and Design Accelerator's blog. the article features a couple of stories, now up on the website, and gives a "behind-the-scenes" look into the creation of the project as well as my personal relationship to clothes. i hope you'll check it out and share with friends, family, colleagues and anyone interested in a more transparent fashion manufacturing process. 

read the article here: https://bkaccelerator.com/maker-stories-documentary-project-features-people-behind-clothes/

Source: http://brooklynaccelerator.com/maker-stori...