The Machines 

Physical interaction that transports you into A digital experience.

This series of three interactive workstations render tangible the experience of shoe factory workers in Cambodia. In selecting three common gestures and their accompanying machines, we use open source technology to engage consumers in the everyday lives of those who make their clothes, shoes, and commonplace objects. With the use of the interactive workstations we begin to question the ways in which our everyday differs from–or is in fact the same as that of–a factory worker. On a larger scale, we can begin to question the role of industrialization in making urban life.


What are the reactions?

smiles, curiosity, surprise, bewilderment, excitement…


As collaboration between Sok Chanrado, Mathieu Eyméoud and Mikaela Kvan, developed with the support of ENSCI–Les Ateliers for the Couture Urbaine exhibition held in Paris, France in 2018. These machines have also been exhibited as part of the 2019 Currents Art and Urban Festival in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.